Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are requirements or qualifications that students must meet in order for them to demonstrate the potential to successfully complete a program at a PCC (e.g., high school diploma, proficiency in English).

Students enrolled in a PCC program are required to meet or exceed the admission requirements set out in Ontario Regulation 415/06, Section 19 before they begin a program. Unless a PCC is approved to do so by the Superintendent, a PCC cannot establish an admission requirement that is less than following:

  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or
  • Students are 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying test that has been approved by the Superintendent, or
  • Meet other academic qualifications or minimum age requirements established as a condition of the Superintendent's approval of the program, and
  • Have met all additional admission requirements established by the PCC for the program

PCCs can admit students who do not meet the admission requirements of a program on a provisional basis (e.g., sign a contract for the delivery of a program). However, students are entitled to a full refund of fees paid for a program, minus 20% of the total fees for the program or $500, whichever is less, if they do not meet the program's admission requirements when the program begins