40 weeks / 800 hours

Classes commence every month

Students attend class 8 hours per day, five days per week

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or mature student status (18 years of age and pass a Superintendent approved qualifying test


Diploma level of study
Mandatory continued training for instructors
Excellent student to teacher ratio
Classes commence every month
Monthly payment plans
Courses are tax deductible
Honour roll student recognition


Software Engineers, also known as computer programmers, design, write, test, maintain and document computer software applications. We place emphasis on teaching object-oriented programming languages to plan, design, develop and implement computer software programs. You will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of practical computer programming concepts and techniques. This is essential knowledge and skills for employment in the software development industry in fields such as Windows programming, web development, database design, systems analysis and e-commerce.

Program Overview:

Introduction to Computer Fundamentals
Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Introduction to Database Programming
Introduction to Application Programming
Introduction to Linux and Open Source Technologies
Visual.NET Framework and Programming
Internet Application Programming

The range of programming languages in use is now very wide. They range from machine code and assembler languages (mostly used for one-off programming of dedicated microprocessor control systems) through to fourth-generation object-oriented languages. Because many languages are best suited to one type of task, most programmers can write in several languages, choosing the most appropriate one for a particular job. Many applications written in early languages such as COBOL and FORTRAN are still in use and require maintenance, while the bulk of new applications are written in languages such as C++, Java and the .NET Framework.